When the word cricket comes, the whole world starts dancing especially cricket fans. There are so many tournaments leagues that have been occurred till now and will continue further. Cricket ad we all know started from test match which occurred between England and Australia. This test match not only brought cricket in many lives but also developed a major rivalry between these two countries which are now the most successful in cricket. When we hear the term cricket we all get up and talks about rivalry and sledging. So let’s talk about some best rivalry of the world’s biggest test series” Ashes”.

2005 Ashes: England’s thriller win

The 2005 ashes series was one of the most exciting and thriller game or can say the best ashes series that occurred in cricket history band saw England win over their rivals for the first time over 19 years. Everyone should definitely watch the 2005 ashes highlights. That was a moment when the English team came forward as a whole and started firing over every other team. After England’s massive win all knew the ashes series results. It was a time when Australia fast bowler Glenn McGrath got ruled out of the second test match after playing dirty games over the ball on the morning of the second test and at this moment the Englishmen started charging up their gear and brought the ashes cup to their home. This 2005 year was the best ashes test match series. It was Andrew Flintoff and Shane Warne who got the man of the series ashes award.

1981: Botham’s show

It is rarely being seen in the test matches that one man has done as much to win ash as Ian Botham in 1981. Ian Botham started his innings as a captain but after a defeat in lords and Nottingham, he resigned as a skipper. On the third test the magical star came out in Ian Botham and he played an incredible inning of 149 not out and was able to get England an astonishing 18 run win. The story didn’t end up to this as in the fifth test when Botham’s powerful innings of 118 set up a 103 run victory that clinched the series from Australia.

1932-33 body line series

This was one of the most controversial series that a cricket fan has watched. The England captain Douglas Jardine approached the bodyline theory against their rivals Australia. The fast bowlers of the Australian team were asked to bowl the short balls. The leg side of the ground was packed accordingly as England won the ashes 4-1. England’s approach to bowl at the body was hearable as unsporting by Australian officials.

2015 Ashes was a big margin

The Englishmen team won the 2015 Ashes by 3-2margin, and the damage appeared in the fourth test itself. The England team in the first team sealed by 169 runs and then Australia gained authority to maximize a 405 run victory. Then the comeback of England was much surprising as they won the next two matches and dominated their rivals to gain a 3-1 lead. On the last fifth match of the ashes, Australia fought like a hero and won but wasn’t able to reduce the margin as they want to and England the host team won that series.

Shane Warne’s ball

The mind-blowing delivery from the spinner king himself defied all the laws of gravity. The ball was just unbelievable not only for the Batsman but in the whole cricket history. The ball pitched way outside the leg stump before spinning back and past the bat of a batsman to hit off the stumps and gett the wicket in an awesome way. It was a surprise and a great moment for Shane warn itself as he introduced himself with his first-ever ball in an Ashes series on English soil. The ball came as an effect that destroyed the whole Englishmen batting line up. That delivery from Shane Warne is now also remarkable.

So these were some most memorable and remarkable ashes matches that took place between the world’s toughest team. We all grew up watching them and we know that there is no other rivalry in test matches in front of England vs Australia. It is one of the series which turns the hero into zero and zero into some special performance. Not only this moment but there is so many other exciting time also when both rival teams players have done something which is still in the hearts of many players and we hope that all these moments will continue. Ashes cricket  2019 was a series where we saw the best players coming forward.

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