Some interesting facts about the ashes series

Are you really a real fan of cricket or are you a sportsperson interested to know about amazing facts about the world of sports? Do you really enjoy watching and hearing about different series of cricket test matches etc.? Do you know that the top cricketers of Australia and England after every two years take each other to the most renowned event in the history of sports? This event is known as the Ashes series. Here are some facts about the Ashes series that will blow Your mind away:

How did this series start, and how did this name originate? Before you get to know about the interesting facts about these series. It is essential to know how the ashes series started. During the year 1877 , Australia and England were playing against each other in test matches.

We all know that cricket is a game full of uncertainties because you can never decide who will win it. In 1882, England had lost to Australia, which led to a satire being published in “ The sporting Times “. This mockery leads to captain Ivo Bligh to announce that he would reclaim them soon when England set off Australia. All this led to the beginning of the ashes series.

The name of the series is Ashes because the writer of the sporting times wrote that the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia, which led to this famous series renowned by this name.

  1. Are you also curious about what is written on the URN?

Some so many people talk about different stories about the urn. A lot of people say that the women of Melbourne presented the urn to Bligh.

It was made during the year 1882-83 , during the tour of England. The contents of the urn are the ashes of bail, which are used in the 3rd match. But this is not just the final story; there are so many different stories attached to it by so many other people.

  1. Do you know that the urn was never a trophy officially?

The urn, had never been a trophy officially. It was given to Bligh as a personalized gift from Florence Morphie who was his future wife. After the 1999 series , it was time for the introduction of an official trophy. You will be amazed to know that this trophy was made from the Waterford Crystal.

  1. The ashes series statistics!!

When we are talking about a sports series, it’s essential to know its statistics. 330 ashes test in total has been played, overall, which is a good number. Out of these 330 tests played, 134 have been won by the Aussies, which is the highest winning number. England has won 106 trials, and another 90 were drawn.

 If you want to know about the series, So about 70 series in total have been played as per 2018 Ashes calculated in this number. Out of these, 33 series have been won by Australia, 32 by England, and the left 5 were drawn.

4.Do you know that the venue is the same for the ashes series?

If we generally consider two Nations playing test cricket, which country would use a different venue for each match. The platforms are always various whenever the same opponents are visiting the hosts.

The ashes series is uniquely very different. The most exciting part is that they have the same venue or can say the same ground for hosting the ashes series for any of the countries, i.e., England and Australia. Another fact of amusement to the readers is that it has been set for a long time.

Also so the uses of the grounds have been decided. The foundations of English have been used for the following :

  • Old Trafford
  • Trent bridge
  • Lord’s
  • Headingley
  • The oval
  • Edgbaston

The grounds of Australia have been decided too, to be used for the following :

  • The Gabba
  • MCG
  • Perth’s WACA
  • Adelaide oval
  • SCG

5 .Do you know that England never inflicted Australia with a whitewash?

England has been felt embarrassed due to the winner of Australia. It is so because Australia won all the series of test matches this happened thrice. After all this, it was complicated for England to achieve this amount of victories.

6.Do you think that what happens when an ashes series ends up to a draw?

When something like this happens, the urn remains with the team that had won the previous Ashes series. Such draws happened a lot of times. Both countries have benefited a lot due to this rule.

Some interesting facts about the ashes series

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