There are three formats in cricket, but the most loved one in which every player has full freedom to show its capabilities is the test matches. There are many test matches conducted between two teams like India and Australia, India and Australia, but the rivalry is a rivalry.

Yes! The test series between the two best world teams ( England and Australia) is being conducted every year, and all the cricketing fans wait eagerly for this test match series. In this rivalry till the current date, Australia is leading as Australia has registered 33 wins and England is just one behind. By these numbers, only you can understand the dominating power of both the teams against each other.

It is the most extraordinary series of matches between England and Australia and is the most longest-running sports rivalry. It is held alternatively two times. Both the teams play a series of 5 test matches in which one test lasts for five days. Ashes began away back in 1882 when the Englishmen, the ‘’ England team, were beaten at their home by the Australians’ kangaroos.

The talks didn’t start from here, but when England return to Australia and fired the series, that was the time this five matches test match series was named The Ashes series. The winning team is being awarded by the trophy named the urn and values a lot when any team wins.

There are so many heroes of this test match series as it is playing from a way back a long time. Some of the best players are being listed below –

  • Most successful team- Australia ( 33 wins)
  • Most runs- sir Donald Bradman ( 5028)
  • Most wickets –Shane Warne (195 )

The urn till now is not an official trophy but has been a personal gift to the Bligh. The best thing that all the fans like is that in the era of t 20 or small cricket formats, this greatest rivalry is being supported by millions of fans worldwide. Many other things make the ashes a great series, like the calendar date, which means this series occurs in the month. Especially in Australia and England, people quit everything to watch the most significant and most prolonged rivalry.

The closeness of the series is not at all that makes it unique. Ashes matches between the two great teams have provided some best content to the sport of cricket.

 They have not only created legends but also have mentioned a lot of memories in the cricketing game. The term sledding in cricket is best suitable for this test match series. People watch these series repeatedly on repeat telecast; the craze for this series is something else that can’t be defined in words. Ashes series is always a game of tales that have never been unnoticed and has invented many prominent people.



As mentioned above, the Ashes series is every time favorite and lovable series among cricket fans. When both the teams England and Australia fight for the trophy, it is something that people wish to support their team.

Both the teams play with full confidence and sledding techniques to destroy the opposing teams’ strategy. The 2019 series was a draw as Australia managed to win the last test match and equals the score by 2-2. Till now, Australia is being ruled over the ashes series but let’s wait for the future.

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